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The Original Hammerless Technology Made In The USA!
The Original Hammerless Technology Made In The USA!


Emergency Rescue Tool with Lanyard

With 5000 P.S.I. this tool smashes through all tempered glass material with ease.

ID Stamper

The ID stamping kit will stamp all forms of mild steel without a hammer. This is important because hammers have a tendency to double stamp.
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Metal Working Tools

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Pin Punch Sets

IPPS20 Industrial Steel Pin Punch set comes with two drivers, 8 interchangeable tips. This set includes a heavy duty 5000 PSI driver and a 3500 PSI driver for smaller duty jobs. There are 8 hardened steel interchangeable tip sizes that are guaranteed not to shatter.
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Some of the best tools I've used in replace of traditional center punches.

Amanda Bynes

The Heavy Duty Center Punch was a perfect stocking stuffer for my kids this year.

Kenny Powers

Was a great edition to my wood working set and deffinetly replaced all my old center punches.

Dale Denton

Heavy Duty Center Punch

Great for a glove box for emergency situations when you need to break out a window.